The Eye of the Abyss - signed

Mainsail Breeze


I propose to you a new arm of war, as formidable as it is economical. Submarine navigation which has been sometimes attempted, but as all know without results, owing to want of suitable opportunities, is now a problematical thing no more.
Brutus de Villeroi in a letter to President Lincoln, 1862
Thus started the proposal to build the first submarine, the Alligator - an often overlooked piece of history which would change the course of events for America. This little know genius advanced our knowledge of underwater exploration. The tutor to Jules Verne kept a set of secret plans which were lost.
Dr. Christopher Ross and his boat captain, Anton Spencer, sought to find this lost relic of the civil war. What they found was much more - only there were others who wanted to keep their discovery a secret.
Mixing the real history of the mysterious de Villeroi into a tale of underwater thrills, The Eye of the Abyss is a page turner which transports you to exotic locations and hurls you to a new world.

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