Other Works

Beach Sunrise


I painted this a while back  - I like the colors.

I often get up early at the beach and look at the morning starts, and then watch as the sun peeks over the horizon.



I like the foam and water in this one.


Gift Turtles

I've painted a number of turtles for friends - birthdays, gifts, whatever...



Norwegian Fjords

This is a work I created for a friend and fellow traveler who joined our tribe as we went to parts north. I cannot wait to go back. I could hang my hat in Copenhagen - with all of the bicycling! It is hard to get a grasp of the scale of the fjords as you travel the calm waters.



Cinque Terre

There is a crew I travel with. Julie is one of the leaders. Traveling with her is a joy. I painted this for her. I owe her a bunch more...



Baby Elephant

I painted this for a fellow employee who is (as of this writing) pregnant with her first child.


Pigeon Island

I am a repeat visitor to the Coco view dive resort. This was a special drift dive (okay there was no current so not really) but it was pristine... I painted this for Terry and Judy - two good friends and dive buddies.


Coco View - Others


I painted these two paintings back-to-back. This was for the divemaster who was with me on my return trip. Also, there was a divemaster who died during a dive... he was remembered by an underwater memorial




 This painting was a gift to my boss who has a cabin at lake Santeelah.



Nancy Beach

During a set of talks, I painted a painting in real-time. This was the result. I gave it to a beach gal (aka secretary)...




Painted this for a fellow diver. She and her husband are now in Hawaii and I wonder if she took the tank?








This was the moment in Kona Hawaii when I had my first "real" cup of coffee - I have been drinking coffee ever since.



Lost Painting

I painted this for someone and I wonder if it ever arrived - haven't heard about this one... aka the lost painting...



Palm Tree

I painted this as a housewarming gift for some friends